Anyone wanna hear a silly Story?

well I got somethin’ to tell ya when I was a young!

About 11 I was and Toy Story 2 was released, and back then that’s when McDonalds used to make Disney Happymeals, and I went to the opening with my cousin, I loved the movie and that very character that you all know that I have…well…a collection of.

ANYWHO knowing McD’s I was imagining what kind of Toy Jessie would be, and you know what I hoped for? One of those toys that you can move their limbs all abouts, and of course in a few weeks I got my Happy Meal and this is what I got:

Now don’t get me wrong here I wasn’t upset, I was happy they had Jessie in the Happy Meal! But I was too young to know (or I should have known) that they wouldn’t put alot of money into making a Happymeal toy that good!

But Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars later someone informed me of what was the Jessie I wanted when I was 11 years old…and if you can guess now you’re right…It was the Revoltech Jessie!

So in a way….I think good things can happen if you wait!

So here’s the thing

I brought this Jessie off eBay

With an intention on Modify her (since I got with without a voice box) But now I can’t bring my self to edit her without being reminded of my Old Jessie that I had when I was younger ;; what’s wrong with me DB>

You Might be getting annoyed at this (but I hope you’re not ._.; ) But an Update on the Jessies I NEEEED in my collection!

If i don’t get ‘em I might have to start a collection on Randall Boggs :I and I like Randy


Damn it Japan ;;

A taste with games we play!

For sure when you play a game you always find yourself eating the same food to go with it, so I wondered if you’d did the same thing too!

+: and
/: or

So what I eat or drink when I play these games are:
Dead Rising: 7up
Assassin’s Creed: Strawberry milkshake
Prototype: Lemon Wafers/Banana Milkshake
Left4Dead: M&Ms+Dr.Pepper
Toy Story 2: Wagon Wheels
HalfLife2: BBQ Chicken Pizza
Portal: Orange Lucozade
Team Fortress 2: Pink Waters/Coffee
Crash Bandicoot: Cherry CocaCola
Soul Reaver 2: Bart Simpson’s No ProblemOs
Rugrats: Cookies
Full House Poker: Pretzels+Appletiser
Animal Crossing New Leaf: Chocolate Coffee
Lollipop Chainsaw: Lollipops (any flavour :U )
Any C64 Games: Nerds

(might add some more later when i remember it)

A La Insane Woody

A La Insane Woody

ZE COLLECTION SO FAR!!!!! And by October it might grow a litttttle bit more